Dr. Michael Todd Greene, Ed.D., (I) GA United States Senate 2020

Restoring America’s Glory, Unity through Peace

Dr. Michael Todd Greene, Ed.D.

Dr. Michael Todd Greene, Ed.D.

Lover of Georgia, America, and unalienable rights. Moderately conservative-liberal, i.e., free-thinking Christian-gay Georgian. I hope for America and believe there are better, brighter days ahead. We have all the resources we need here and now. In wisdom, we can transition into the more of life in peace and prosperity.

As a career high school Economics and Business Studies teacher, I am not a fool to my slim to none chances in this race. I am the lowest of the 21 candidates with the least amount of money (none, actually). Yet still, I refuse to sit idly to the ruin of America by the demonic economically-ignorant SQUAD guising as angels of light or the sale of freedom to Communist China.

America brings life to the world, she needs healing through viably-altruistic economic solutions. Please, help me revive hearts and revise taxes through a true grassroots-hope-movement. Prosperity awaits, sweet wisdom calls, let’s find our future hope in unity through peace.

And, yes, I am voting Trump.

I believe...

… we need to introduce a 10% personal income tax liability threshold to increase tax revenue and pay off our debt.  As well, we should increase the poverty line thresholds to $36,000 (discussion starting point), increase PELL Grant eligibility and scholarships awards, develop a Medicaid Health Market, Introduce food programs within schools for starving children (daily – 1 out 5 students in America goes without dinner, are starving at home), provide Migrant-Worker Green Cards and or Temporary Work Visas (at a 3 to 5% Flat Income Tax rate), reduce Corporate Tax Liability for Small Business Owners, and introduce discussion of a stratified property tax system phasing out current estate taxes, too, revisit the Every Student Succeeds Act to provide equal and strengthened academic success of our future.

I believe...


“Laughter is meant for banquets, wine is meant for merriment, yet money is the answer for everything” (Ecclesiastes 10:19). The U.S. Constitution guarantees the Welfare of the people. Social justice can be fought tirelessly in the courts. Or, social equality can be attained through Social Welfare Reform funded through a personal income tax liability threshold.

In the past, I contended that welfare should not be for life, yet through conscious consideration realized slavery should not have been, ever. The reality of slavery coupled with Jim Crow Laws cancels out my former concept of welfare. An overlooked and forgotten injustice towards the Black community was in 1865, freeing citizens without a sustainable network of social welfare. Not until whites went without in the 1930’s did America provide the beginnings of our current welfare system. Welfare is only a part of the solution, yet it must be sufficient and flexible in support as citizens grow financially instead of total abandonment with the hint of gain.

Racism goes beyond the surface, it is an evil of the heart. Social equal-dignity can heal social unrest, yet that starts with people-building policies. With Social Welfare Reform, let the healing start


Communist China is responsible for the CoVID-19 horrors purposefully constructed in the Wuhan lab. Either for internal population control (genocide) or world confusion to offset one nation’s election – the United States, CoVID-19 was intentional. The desire for world domination at all cost always exists, a reality glossed-over in the often peacefully insulated United States.

Yet still, much like the Great Depression, CoVID-19 is teaching us as a people the areas we are vulnerable and need strengthening for survival. This virus has revealed truths that many find uncomfortable yet in the end are life giving realities. We need greater food reserves and improved gut health, greater equality in health care access, and removal of all harmful FDA approved food additives and substitutes.

CoVID-19 also revealed how quickly the government could cease control of houses of all faiths. Churches were not under persecution, yet still, for the first time ever, American’s were deprived freedoms of worship due to Communism.


This issue, like no other, hinges on faith-based convictions. Yet the irony is that no one winces an eye as the Sabbath day is being broken. Yet often, the same faith-based voices that call adulatory, homosexuality, and yes, abortion sin, ignore holiness most Sundays. God is not unaware of abortion and still loves all hearts. Row vs. Wade was so women would not die attempting to perform a detrimental self-abortion – Jesus left the 99 and went after the one. If the Christian could understand this: Joshua said, as for me and my house, not me and my nation. We are a free-state, not a faith-state like Iran or Iraq. Please, stop judging abortion and start winning your heart back to authentic worship – the only path to revival. The world waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. It’s time to show off Heaven’s grace, let go of judgment.

I am pro-unalienable rights. There is a difference between God’s laws and American government concepts of liberty. As such, because of my stance on the importance of protecting all Americans’ unalienable rights (i.e., liberties), I vehemently stand for the right to an abortion, yet support the heart beat law. The unborn child too deserves access to their protected, U.S. Constitutional rights of knowing life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness.

Federal Laws & Policies

Repeal the current Health Market System with a new and improved Medicaid Health Market.  Two fold, sell public option insurance policies through our current Medicaid platform to individuals, households, and businesses at a fraction of current private plans.  And secondly, expand the coverage and health access for all Medicaid recipients.  Let public option policies sold through the Medicaid Health Market offset the cost of providing better coverage and health care access.  Consider combining the Veteran’s Health Care under the same platform – remove separate but equal health care – providing greater VA health care choice.

Our current educational (pk-12) system lacks in helping young people discover purpose in a non-agriculturally based economy. National standards need to include Theory of Knowledge and Personal Health Science courses that helps students think holistically and for themselves; about purpose.

Introduce no interest on FAFSA student loans, waive and apply all interest rate paid on outstanding FAFSA loans towards principle, and forgive one semester of school debt for individuals that graduate their program with a 4.0 GPA within four years.  Limit FAFSA money for personal expenses and credit card company solicitations on school campuses.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 needs to include LGBT rights to federally ban discrimination against all communities of Americans.  Denying unalienable rights needs to end in this country.

Reinstate the Homestead Act: land for agriculture use for food supply sustainability and future tax revenue purposes.  Land grants for personal homes with proof of sufficient funds to build a new house and free land for individuals beneath the poverty line with subsidized loans for building purposes; grants for entrepreneurial enterprises that utilize the land.

Further explore alternative fuel sources, such as ocean turbines, off shore wind mill farms for coastal cities, and research canal/river turbine power sources.  Seek measures to reduce plastic bag waste at retail outlets and sponsor research for an 100% environmentally friendly disposable diaper.  Sponsor recycling initiatives and campaigns nationwide in addition to global ocean water clean up efforts.

Strengthen overseas trade with smaller, developing nations in Southeast Asia and Central America.  Support American industry through greater free trade and protection of patent and copyright infringement (both domestic and overseas).  Further, support existing American trade unions for non-federally funded workers, yet restrict union involvement in professions funded through tax payer funds (State & Federal).

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